Get Your Home Ready for The #FirstDayOfWinter

The weather outside may already be frightful, but having a cosy space to come home to, is a lot more than delightful. Although it already feels as though we're knee deep in Winter, however, it's actually only just begun. 

By now, we're sure you've got the halls decked and your Christmas Tree is bringing in all the Festive Cheer, however, we've got some tips and tricks to get your home well and truly ready for the spirit of Winter this year.  

1. Clear the gutters and drains

Clearing the gutters and drains is probably the last thing on your to-do list, but it’s an essential task. Debris such as leaves and mud can block the drains and once it becomes too much, it can cause leaks into the roof and walls. Making sure the gutters are clear from any possible build-up will minimise the risk of water damage. 

2. Change your home design (partly!)

No one wants to rethink the design of their home every season. However, it is wise to have two sets of accessories on hand (one more summery and the other more wintery) that will dress the same room whose furniture and wall colour remain the same. For example, you might decide to give a more autumnal look to your bedroom by playing with textures and colours: thick velvet curtains in warm colours, longhaired rugs, yellow or navy blue decorative cushions, wool throw, etc. Then, in the spring, simply put the brighter and fresher accessories back on.

3. Spreading new smells

It is important to aerate the house before winter, especially if you own an air-conditioner. This helps to change the air that is more polluted than you might think. Keep doors and windows open for at least one hour in the fall. Cleaning filters (kitchen hood vents, air exchanger, etc.) is also an excellent idea to improve air quality. Also, to get in the mood, spread autumn smells. With candles or essential oil dispensers, scent the house with a sweet aroma that makes you want to pamper yourself inside like cinnamon or vanilla.

4. Freshen Up Your Home With a WeThree Store Print 

Although you want to make your home as cosy as possible during these colder months, it's important to not neglect those walls when it comes to decoration your home for Christmas. To add a cosy atmospheric vibe to your home our Series 6  prints are the perfect way to add a cosy vibe to your home this Winter.